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We Strategize

Mudani is not your average robo-advisor. We’ve leveraged technology in partnership with our (human) financial advisors to get you the most optimized returns. The best of both worlds teaming up together.

Our investment strategy is broken down into six components:

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Built for you. We’ll ask you questions about your financial profile, time horizon, and risk tolerance. We’ll get to know your investment objectives and goals. Then, we’ll create you an investment plan.

Security Selection

Your customized plan will include low-cost ETFs and/or funds that include stocks, bonds, options, and alternatives — all carefully chosen based on your financial profile. Your Mudani portfolio will invest in both developed and emerging markets. Gain exposure to a diverse group of economies.

Asset allocation

Asset allocation is the selection and weighting of different types of investments in a portfolio. Our goal is to create an efficient portfolio of stocks and ETFs that enhance diversification and spread risk more effectively.
Diversification is “not putting all your financial eggs in one basket”. It means building an investment portfolio that’s made up of many different types of investments that perform in different ways

Automatic Rebalancing

Rebalancing is the act of buying and selling assets to re-establish the targeted strategic mix of assets.
We will automatically rebalance your holdings when your portfolio deviates from the target allocation due to market fluctuations.

Tax Minimization

ETFs are the lowest cost and most tax-efficient means of investing in the financial markets.
Tax minimization is offered through tax-deferred accounts such as retirement accounts.

Modern Portfolio Theory

MPT states that you can maximize your returns, while minimizing risk, by investing in a diverse and balanced portfolio. The theory is that asset classes are not correlated to each other. As one asset goes down in value, another can go up in value.

What you’re invested in

We select securities from a wide variety of asset classes.

Here’s an asset-class 101 for you:

U.S. StocksPublically traded U.S. companies of various sizes, styles and sectorsKey for portfolio growth but comes with significant volatilityIndividual stocks, stock ETFs, options
Int'l. StocksForeign companies including developed and emerging marketsKey for portfolio growth but comes with significant volatilityIndividual stocks, stock ETFs, options
U.S. BondsDebt issue by U.S. government agencies and companies (at varying credit quality)Provides portfolio stability due to less volatility, generates income and has strong diversification benefits when combined with stocks.Bond ETFs and individual bonds in some circumstances
Private Equity Funds, Real Estate, Gold, Silver, & commoditiesTangible assets including real estate and commodities such as oil and precious metalsPrimarily used for diversification due to a lower correlation to other asset classes. Serves as an inflation hedge. REITs provides income and have high expected total return. Can be highly volatileReal estate ETFs, REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts), gold and commodities
CashCash and highly liquid money market fundsOffers high liquidity and preservation of capital, but too much cash can be a drag on a portfolio. Money market returnsMoney Market funds
CryptocurrencyA digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange where an individual coin ownership records are stored in a digital ledgerA hedge against inflation and the fastest growing asset class in historyBitcoin





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