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Moving Money

Making sense of investing? Mudani keeps it simple. We bring high-end investment management to all at an affordable price. Our mission is to make investing in financial markets simple, modern, and educational; whether you’re a newbie or an experienced day trader.

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What we do?

We Do Money.

Hedge funds and big banks (read: wall street) make investing way more complicated than it should be. We’re here to bridge the gap and bring smart money management to to all at an affordable price.

Mudani is for everyone, not just the wealthy.

How it works?
  • A plan for everyone.

    Open and fund an account with whatever you got. Our hybrid human-robo offering provides a high-end service to all tiers of wealth. Find the plan that works for you and let your investment journey begin.

    How it works?
  • Personalized for you.

    Our smart algorithm takes all factors into consideration when personalizing your investment plan. Your customized portfolio will include low-cost ETFs and/or funds that include stocks, bonds, and alternatives — all carefully chosen for your financial goals.

    How it works?
  • The best of both worlds.

    Mudani implements an active management investment style while maintaining the philosophy of passive investing. Most robo advisors throw your money into passive index funds (which is fine). But at Mudani, “fine” doesn’t cut it. We monitor markets daily to scope out opportunities to grow your money (even if it just makes you an extra 5 dollars for that caramel iced latte).

    How it works?
  • We minimize your costs.

    Of all the expenses, taxes can sting the most and take the biggest bite out of your returns. The good news is that tax-efficient investing can minimize your tax burden and maximize your bottom line. For example, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) tend to be more tax-efficient because they trigger fewer capital gains. Treasury bonds and municipal bonds are also tax-efficient because they are exempt from state and local income taxes. These will be included in your customized portfolio.

    How it works?
  • Fractional shares are pieces, or fractions, of whole shares of a stock or ETF.

    This means that we can invest any amount of money into the market for you (hence our $0 min policy). Our goal is to democratize the big banks, and our fractional trading feature brings much needed opportunities to people who might not otherwise be able to participate in the financial markets. So basically, it lets you have a piece of the pie.

    How it works?
  • Passionate about the environment & socially responsible companies?

    We are too. ESG investing is a growing category of investment choices that blend environmental, social, and governance factors into our selection. We’ll automatically allocate a portion of your portfolio to ESG funds as we truly believe they’re the future of investing.

    How it works?
  • Want exposure to the crypto/blockchain market?

    Think bitcoin is the future currency of the world? We’ve recently added this allocation to high-risk oriented portfolios to get you exposure to the fastest growing asset class. We also added a Bitcoin “goal based” account that directly invests in the Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC).

    How it works?
  • Everything in one place.

    Mudani client portal is a modern web & mobile friendly dashboard that gives you what you need real-time. From account performance to portfolio holdings, or a simple deposit/withdrawal with instant ACH authentication. Our portal aims to provide you with all the tools you need at your fingertips as it's your money, we just manage it. Open an account in 5 minutes.

    The best part? You can sync your external bank/other investment accounts to get a holistic picture of your overall financial health and net worth. We got you on security. Our 2048-bit encrypted SSL portal provides secure and seamless connectivity with over 14,000 financial institutions all around the world. We also give you an option to enable 2-step authentication.

    How it works?

What you pay?

A plan for all. Whether you’re an investing newbie or a sophisticated day trader. Mudani creates a tailored fit portfolio for you. $0 min & low fees.

Pick yours.

  • Our starters plan. A sophisticated, yet simple managed investment account tailored to you. This plan will consist of passive & actively managed ETF's.

    Our digital plan has a small fee of $9.99 per month.

    $0 minimum!

  • Our most popular plan. Includes everything in Mudani Digital plus even more unique features. You’ll get an allocation to the actively managed Mudani Flagship Fund (stocks, ETF’s, options, crypto). You’ll also receive two additional “goal based” accounts complimentary to your main investment portfolio. This plan will offer reduced IRA account management fees.

    Everything for just $19.99 per month.

    $0 minimum!

  • Our private wealth management plan. Combining Mudani Digital+ with a dedicated personal one on one financial advisor who creates an investment plan and builds out your customized portfolio with tailored-fit strategies.
    At Mudani, You don’t have to be a millionaire to get special treatment :)

    $200,000 Minimum

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What it looks

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What it looks

Everything in one place. Think of it as your home for all of your money. You can sync your external bank/other investment accounts to get a holistic picture of your overall financial health and net worth so you can be empowered to make the most informed financial decisions for your future. Wanna track your portfolio in real time? Maybe transfer in that last paycheck? Well, you can with the Mudani portal at your fingertips. Investing made easy.

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Our story

Our founding team took the typical finance route:

  • Intern at the big banks
  • Graduate from top tier business schools
  • Work for some of the top investment banks in the world
  • Manage ultra high-net worth client money

And that got us thinking...

Why is high-end customized portfolio management only readily available to the wealthy? When it really should be the other way around.

So that’s where it started...

A mission to shift the paradigm and bring access to high-end wealth management and financial literacy to everyone in a way people understand, in a way people can participate in, in a way that’s fun.

Know More
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Our founders come from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures, and countries. We pride ourselves on diversity and inclusion. As long as you pass our background check, you’re accepted at Mudani.

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